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The Geography of Bankruptcies and Social Inequalities

French original text :
“Géographie des faillites d’entreprises et inégalités sociales”

Traduction by :
Mathieu Dupuis, Professor of Work Relations-TELUQ

At the beginning of 2017, I was invited to present the statistical part of my research on business failure at the conférence introductive du module « Analyse quantitative » des APN-SHS (Ateliers Pratiques Numériques en SHS). After the presentation, during the discussion, someone in the crowd asked me if there was any data, in those I had collected, that I had not exploited. After a short moment of thinking, I had to acknowledge the fact that I had not been able to exploit effectively geographical data. But it had an impact on my perseverance and this question had revived it!  🙂 Continuer la lecture de The Geography of Bankruptcies and Social Inequalities

why “My Bankrupt PhD!”

French original text : «pourquoi ‘Ma thèse en faillite!’»
Traduction by Alex Mahoudeau

Once upon a time, there was a PhD thesis on company bankruptcies… my thesis. Yeah, that’s not very sexy, as they say! After studying engineering and applied arts in high school, and a year preparing for a Fine Arts grand school in Lyon (the ENSBA), I decided to take a break, which turned into a Bachelor, and then a Master’s degree in Sociology. Which is how I naively got into that silly topic. Continuer la lecture de why “My Bankrupt PhD!”