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1749 à Lyon – Journal (inédit) d’un marchand mis en faillite

Parmi les papiers des commerçants mis en faillite par le Tribunal de la Conservation des Privilèges de Lyon, ceux d’Alexis Allard pour la dissolution de son activité……………………………

Récit des chose les + remarquables qui sont arrivé depuis le premier janvier 1749 jusqua

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When you have to explain your thesis’ topic… feat PhDelirium!

French original text : «Quand je dois expliquer le sujet de ma thèse…en featuring avec PhDelirium»
Traduction by Alex Mahoudeau

When I had to explain my thesis’ topic, it appeared that doing a sociology thesis on companies getting bankrupt somewhat incited – especially in the beginning – to jokes or sarcastic remarks. Like these times when…

… there was the very candid, “You must be so busy with everything that’s going on right now!” Indeed (and every time, in petto, I thought it was just a wee bit more complex than that, but opted for the shortest answer!).

… there was this classmate who told me half-jokingly during the coffee break that I worked “with the enemy – aka Big Money.”

… during a Parisian party, a childhood friend working as a trader explained to me up front that it made no sense because “bankruptcy ain’t about sociology but about law or finance.” LOL!

… this business coach in interview to talk about one of the companies he worked with, after I explained what I was working on more precisely, yelled “That’s useless! They’re all vultures in the business courts! Like so with their claws (and imitating a vulture)!” For a second, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to invest in a falconer’s glove 😀

… and really my favorite, a small shade from an entrepreneur, met (and never met again) during an award ceremony. There was about five of us socializing at the reception. One of the group, I can’t remember what he was working in, asked what I did for a living. I said I was a PhD candidate in sociology, working on company bankruptcies. The guy looked at me, took a big step back, and said, “Makes you sound like an undertaker”… and I smiled, saying that they’re needed too!!!

And once I told all of these stories to PhDelirium (if you don’t know ger, go check her website → HERE), well here’s what happened…







PS: “My Bankrupt PhD!” also has a Facebook page.

Crédits Image à la Une : ©Virginie Blum

[SPECIAL GUEST] Denis Colombi et sa thèse sur la mobilité internationale

“Ma thèse en faillite!” c’est ÇA  et je suis ravie d’accueillir en deuxième guest Denis Colombi qui nous offre ici une savoureuse compilation des coulisses de sa thèse !

Faire une thèse en sociologie revient basiquement à s’imposer une série d’interactions improbables, c’est-à-dire où ni vous ni personne ne sait trop comment se dépatouiller de la chose. Prenons l’exemple le plus simple, celui que redoute tout thésard, le fameux « et alors c’est sur quoi ta thèse ? ».  Continuer la lecture de [SPECIAL GUEST] Denis Colombi et sa thèse sur la mobilité internationale