why “My Bankrupt PhD!”

French original text : «pourquoi ‘Ma thèse en faillite!’»
Traduction by Alex Mahoudeau

Once upon a time, there was a PhD thesis on company bankruptcies… my thesis. Yeah, that’s not very sexy, as they say! After studying engineering and applied arts in high school, and a year preparing for a Fine Arts grand school in Lyon (the ENSBA), I decided to take a break, which turned into a Bachelor, and then a Master’s degree in Sociology. Which is how I naively got into that silly topic.

And that’s how the thesis had a lot of thick jokes, satire, absurd situations, provocations, and she lived happily ever… no. She still lives. Because I’m not finished writing it yet (soon, soon).

Here are the small and big moments I wanted to take off my chest1. I value sharing and, putting it mildly, academic canons hardly appreciate the kind of irony and self-mockery I enjoy so much… I started by publishing episodes inspired by the TV show “Bref.” that you can find here. Then chatting on Facebook with PhDelirium made me change my mind, hopefully in the right direction.

The result is this concept: “My bankrupt PhD!” (please pay attention to the excellent pun and decaying state of my PhD) with a more flexible, less stylised format. There will also be rad collaborations but… that’s gonna be a surprise, to be discovered by you!

Mostly, let readers be warned: the story, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are real. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is unintended or should be avoided!

PS: “My Bankrupt PhD!” also has a Facebook page.

Crédits Image à la Une : ©Virginie Blum

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  1. Like what has been done in Carnets de Thèse or Vie de Thésarde  []

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